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Hi there, I'm Egi and I am a User Experience Designer

I specialise in designing complex technical products. 

let me unpack that

By complex I mean products that focus in a narrow field of expertise within the tech world - I have designed an app that helps startups manage their ownership for Qoorp, a support channel for developers that work with API and a data science platform at RapidMiner. I am currently doing design for an observability platform at Instana


some projects I have worked on

I have been fortunate to be involved in projects that have both required and allowed me to work in the full spectrum of UX design, from discovery and user research, mockups, UI design and usability testing. Below are some of the experiences I have helped design.

April 2018

Mobile Design


End to end design process for a product that motivates enterprise drivers to use their vehicles more in electric mode. 

Feature design for an API platform where developers ask questions and get support. 

June 2017

Web Design

I designed a software that helps business owners keep track of their ownership structure.

August 2016

Interactive prototype

Redesigned the customer experience of a printing studio.

October 2016

Service Design

some thoughts

Mostly to exercise my writing skills, I sometimes write about designs that catch my attention and some personal stories that I feel are worth sharing. 

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