Redesigning the Capitalization Table


As part of my Master thesis and an internship at Qoorp, a Stockholm- based startup, I worked on designing a simple software that would help start up companies easily calculate and project their stock ownership. The structure that companies most commonly use to do this is called a capitalization table, usually an Excel table. The main challenge consisted on redesigning a more comprehensive and functional alternative. 

Type of Project

Tools Used
Pen and Paper, Axure
Skills Used 
User Research, Interviews, Data Analysis, Prototyping, User Testing, Academic Research

The design process

Screenshots of the prototypes.

Since this was a redesign process, I paid special attention to the way users currently achieve their goals and then enhanced these basic functions.The end result was a system that was perceived as easy and familiar, but packed with all the desired interactive functionalities. Key to this, I believe, was 
designing based on clearly identified user requirements and going back to the end user at every phase.

The complete work can be accessed here

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