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Hello world, again

Here I am, a year and a half after my first blog post. During the last 18 month I learned quite a bit, mainly because I:

-experimented with 3 platforms (GoDaddy, Tumblr and Medium)

-switched topics quite a bit (wrote about travel, struggles of living abroad, personal struggles and relationships and my job)

-realised the importance of proofreading and 'sleeping on' a post before posting it

-travelled fairly often, mostly within Europe. I decided to stick with my personal website, write about UX flaws I encounter, both online and on the physical world when I travel. I will leave personal challenges and travel memories for now. I am not an avid photo taker, anyway.

So welcome to my blog, where I mostly write about UX fails and wins that I notice around me.

Actually there are a lot more cases when I write about sucky UX, but it's so much easier and far more common to get annoyed at a bad experience. However, the joy when a product/ feature is done well is my favourite feeling.

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