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Announcing new features- in style

Product people work hard for even the smallest-seeming features, so when it goes live, it's always party time! What beats these feelings of achievement is when the user joins in the party: getting the message across and making the users excited about your new features, now that's something. The following examples are my favourites and have (more than once, I must confess) made me feel a tick of joy when I see them.

Slack announces new features in app in the form of an icon disguised as a gift (excellent analogy!). The language hits home: it is simple and to the point and explains the feature right from the first line.



Trello's wolf is amiable, cute and speaks your language! I love that despite being a purely workplace app, Trello has built a brand personality that is entertaining and relaxed. A bit of Trelloception: here's the 'Wolf' trello board. announces their new features AND makes you feel excited about them. Emphasis on "You asked us" makes the user feel heard and catered to. And it's not intrusive- catches your attention but it's still dismissible.

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