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Amazing copy that can make your day

And not only in nerd world!

Countless experiences on the web can be made so much better and entertaining with good copy. Regardless of how fast internet connections and websites can be, there's definitely times when you have to wait while you're browsing you life away on the world wide web.

..or when new features are introduced and disrupt your workflow. ..or when there's nothing in the page in front of you (called an empty state). Good copy here can make a world of a difference. Communicating is at the center of our life and interactions with one another. In user experience design, we mostly design products and services that have to somehow communicate to the user, without the designer, engineer or customer support being present at all times. The greater the extent that a system can 'speak for' itself, the better the experience of the user and the job of the designer. Now imagine if the system surprises you with entertaining copy, or makes you curious to click on that button, or excuses itself for not working properly through a hilarious empty state? That's often called delightful UX .

Here are some examples I took the time to screenshot

And following are some resources about copywriting that I've come across. I'm actively learning and exercising my writing skills, and keeping an eye for exciting UX that I can write about.

Source 1. This is a good piece of reading is you are not yet convinced that writing is connected to design.

Source 2. An article about getting started in UX writing.

Source 3. This is more general but gives an interesting perspective: if you are familiar with writing for print and want to make the jump to digital, then this article is for you.

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