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Lather rinse repeat, as needed

Focus on the as needed.

Repetition is the mother of learning, a very famous quote says. Also the father of boredom, others argue. But there's one thing that is learning, without the boredom part. Iteration, we call it. Iteration is basically exponential learning -- you repeat something but instead of reinforcing the same thing at every repetition, you make changes: add new things you learn/ experiment with -- thus compounding knowledge. Realising this has improved me both personally and professionally. I now iterate on cooking ideas, travel plans and most major decisions. But there's an inherent risk in iterating: you might get too caught on it and not release anything until it's perfect (which nothing ever is). Knowing when to stop is of paramount importance, too. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed. I worked on this website for two full months before publishing it and even after I did, I wasn't really happy with it. But rather than spending more time looking at it and changing a drop shadow, I went ahead and published it. ...and came back quite frequently to change some things. Which allowed me to gather more feedback and see my work with a fresh eye almost every time. I also learned some magic tricks (read: graphic design) and put that into use in making my website look nicer and more organic. Which means I can now have a bird's eye view on my progress and growth. Which is pretty amazing.

Screenshots of a section my website through time

The design of the portfolio thumbnails has been the most frequent change in my website.

I think iteration is a technique that, with time, has been slowly transitioning into almost aspects of my life: I am still struggling to find a morning routine that suits my love for sleep, I am learning to change my spending habits and take flat-lay photos, among other things. My flatlays could use more formal teaching, nevertheless.

My 2 proudest achievements. Macbook + lemon water + coffee= killer combination, right?

Generally it is really worth it to keep on iterating. Most designs, ideas and plans could use some more refining. Some other times, giving it another try is just enough -- remember, time is precious.

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