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A little life update

Halfway through another spin around Earth and I have once again moved to a new country, learned a couple of new things, made a couple of touch decisions and overall, had an amazing time.

At the start of 2018 I was unemployed and had just moved to Munich to attend Digital Product School, a program by the Innovation Hub of the University of Munich. Fast backward to July 2017, the startup I was working for in Barcelona had to close down, so I had been freelancing for a couple of months, while trying to figure out the next step in my life (read: travelling).

As much as I enjoyed the freedom that comes freelancing, I genuinely missed being full time part of a team, partly because it is too soon in my career to ride solo; also, I could use some more company experience. So after 6 months of letting life flow (and panicking every week or so), I moved to Munich to attend DPS, a program that delivered on its promise of acting as both a school, and a job. Being just over a year out of school, it was a nice balance between workshops and full time work on a project that was very different from what I had worked on before.

My time in Munich: 3 months of post-its, listening to the word agile waaay too often and having an amazing view of the English Gartens from my desk.

In the meantime, I dedicated almost all the remaining time to applying for jobs. This time around (as compared to being fresh out of school) I got a lot more replies, went to a lot more interviews and generally received a lot of feedback that my skills and experience seemed employable. I would go back and tell my worrying self that it was going to be all right, after all, but I doubt I would be so kind as to believe myself.

Long story short: I made another bold move - started working in a completely new domain (data science software) and moved somewhere completely new (Dortmund in West Germany). I might be calling it a bold move now, but oftentimes I can't quite grasp that it is indeed myself who climbed yet another scary step, with no long term plan in sight, except for the need to learn more: both about myself and the world.

An amateurish photo of one of the many parks in Dortmund, the center of a former industrialised area of a Germany.

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