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There was once a blog and a podcast..

... that I really enjoyed reading and listening to. First, a dilemma I fight daily.

I find myself constantly torn between the myriad of pieces of content that I find interesting and bookmark on a daily basis. Yet, the more energy I spend in categorising, saving for later and organising the ever-growing digital pile of links, the less I concentrate on consuming content and making something out of it. What I found to be helpful is to put hard limits on the things that look/ sound/ feel interesting and deliberately focus on a realistic number of pieces I can consume, and discard the rest. I still have a long way with articles I bookmark, but have narrowed down one podcast and one blog to write about today.

Figuratively swimming in the sea of content in the web

Figuratively swimming in the sea of content in the web. Illustration from Wix.

So following are one blog and one podcast I really enjoy and actually recommend to my friends. Apart for being informative, well written and enjoyable, they both have one thing in common: they are concentrated and write mention a multitude topics.

The 99% Invisible podcast has a type of dynamics I hadn't come across before: the narration is combined with sounds related to the topic and the participants' comments. Instead of the usual sometimes monotonous narration or interview style podcast, the author builds a small story where sounds, facts and comments are intertwined to form a very dynamic piece of content. This layering, in my opinion, makes it entertaining and helps me as a listener to concentrate on the content.

I feel like I'm immersed in the story Bruno is telling, all while only listening! Extra brownie points for design being the focal point!

What I love and enjoy mostly about Seth Godin's Blog is the myriad of topics he writes about, in a philosophical and meta way sometimes, but always very easy to digest and take away. I enjoy how one day I stumble upon an article about whiting about an ebook (which never crossed my mind), and the other about working with designers (which I can somehow relate to.)

That's about it for now; I am trying to 'pick my fights'' in a way, so I try to minimize the quantity of things I interest myself in. It helps to share these recommendations with friends, but writing adds an extra level of reality check to this.

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